Ross Vegas

Performer. Writer. Director.




Ross Vegas combines the ancient art of circus and vaudeville, with human beat-box and vocal sound FX, to create a show unique worldwide. 


Acrobatics, illusion, fire juggling, physical comedy, rapping, and comic improvisation are performed to a soundtrack created live with just the human voice, culminating in a spectacular one-hand balance on a tower of folding chairs.


20 years of experience, entertaining crowds across 4 continents and 22 different countries, Ross presents a 40-minute spectacular and hilarious family-friendly comedy-circus show with a hip-hop twist.






Skill meets passion, wit meets groove. Gospel and blues harmonies collide with hip-hop, dub-step, and drum-and-bass beat-box, beneath a freestyle flow of poetic, personal, conversational lyrics, looped up by one elastic mouth and inspired mind.





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+61 (0) 403 347 452

Fremantle, Australia 6160

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