Generosity Circus is a cavalcade of entertainment and activities for festivals and family events, including stage shows, roving acts, circus workshops, and bubble play, tailored for your audience. We can also bring our own sound, lights, and stage, by arrangement.


We love to perform for even the furthest-flung audiences across Australia and Canada. By arrangement, we can also stay on longer to present workshops and arts projects with your community. 



Ross Vegas combines the ancient art of circus and vaudeville, with human beat-box and vocal sound FX, to create a show unique worldwide. 

Acrobatics, juggling, illusion, visual gags, rapping, and comic improvisation are performed to a soundtrack created live with just the human voice, culminating in a spectacular one-hand balance on a tower of folding chairs.

Circus Comedy
Contact Juggling Ball
Handstand on Chairs
Fire Performer
Street Theatre in Bamberg
Live Entertainment



Creating joy and laughter wherever he goes, the Ringmaster is a larger-than-life comedian, delighting
adults and children alike. He has a quick wit, a ton of tricks, tiny shoes, and a huge heart.


Roving all over your event, The Ringmaster is always ready with a lofty high five, a lanky dance, or a comic
pose for a family photo, to help your audience remember and share the fun.


Stilt Walker Perth #1
Stilt Walking Juggler
Stilt Walker Dancer
Stilt Walker Interactive
Stilt Walking Acrobat